The Mountain Diffuser

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Modern, contemporary diffuser with mountain top design that can be placed anywhere in your home for continuous or intermittent fragrance diffusion. 

  • The Mountain Dryft diffuser has a 400ml capacity
  • Choose from 7 soothing LED colours to choose from
  • Option to choose between a light or heavier mist
  • Plugs directly into the mains so you don’t need to worry about batteries
  • Mountain Dryft has a mist output of 30ml per hour
  • Create a grounding centrepiece or find a discreet place in the corner of the room for Mountain Dryft which is just 168mm x 160mm x 120mm.

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    How to use Mountain Dryft

    After unboxing Mountain Dryft, you need the ideal place to position it in your home. We would always recommend positioning your diffuser as close to the centre of the room as possible. So, you should choose a power outlet as close to the centre of your room as possible to place your diffuser.

    • Fill the 400ml tank to the ‘max’ line
    • Following the instructions of your chosen essential oil, add a few drops to the tank
    • Single press for low or high mist
    • Choose from a continuous spray or a 60-minute timer